Do I Have To?

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November 18, 2014 by holy rollin hooker

do i have toHas God ever given you explicit instructions to do something or to say something to someone that you really didn’t want to do or say? Did you beg him to let it pass in your most pathetic whiny voice? Well, that’s what happened to me this weekend.

Someone I know has had a recent tragedy strike and they are not taking it particularly well. I was riding in the car with said person and half passed out from car sickness when God whispered something to me. And now here’s an historical reenactment of the conversation that took place in my head between me and God:

God: Tell her not to try to understand anything.

Me: What?

God: Tell her not to try to understand anything.

Me: But…I don’t want to

God: Tell her not to try to understand anything.

Me: You know how she’s going to respond to that.

God: Just tell her not to try to understand anything.

Me: But I really, reeeeaaaally don’t want to.

God: Just say it!

Me: I can’t!

God: ……………….

Me (starting to feel really nauseous and beginning to actually hyperventilate a bit): Do I have to?

God: I’ll make it stop when you say it.

Me: Fine.

At that point, I opened my mouth and said, “I’m really half out of it right now, but God told me to say, ‘Don’t try to understand anything.’” After I said it, the extreme nausea went away, my breathing returned to normal, and I went back into my motion induced stupor.

Folks…I wish I could tell ya that it was a breakthrough moment for this person. I wish I could tell you that they found peace and release in those words. Ahh…’twas not so. This person flew into an absolute rage. As soon as the car stopped, they grabbed their belongings and took off as fast as they could. And I don’t think they’ll be wanting to hear from me for some time.

While this reaction was certainly not ideal, it was one I half expected which is why I was so reluctant to obey God in the first place. Fortunately, I don’t take my cues from said person. I don’t even take my cues from me. I take my cues from God, and I want to be the kind of Christian who God tells, “Go!” and I get up and go.

No one likes to rush headlong into what they know will be an unpleasant experience. Consider Jonah. When God told him to go to Nineveh, he refused because he knew that he would not like how the people would react to what God had for him to say (although Jonah has a whole host of other issues himself). In the end, though, he told the people what God told him to say and God’s word turned those people around. Remember, friends, that ours is not to reason why. Ours is just to do and pray to God that it all works out in the end…somehow.

Use Reading: Book of Jonah

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