New Crochet Border in Action


October 8, 2014 by holy rollin hooker

So, I’ve been trying my hand at creating different solid single crochet borders that can be used on various projects. I came up with this super simple one fairly early on in my colorwork experiments.


Yep…it’s a street. Pretty easy lookin’ huh? But imagine all the possibilities. Once I made it, I had to use it in something because that’s what we crafters do. So I designed this little scene around it.

That's ma hood

That’s ma hood

It’s very basic because I was just free-handing it and playing around. I planned for it to be a pillow for my nephew who is absolutely infatuated with cars, but I got sidetracked and never went back to it. It’s only been like two years. I’ll eventually finish it…right?

Well, in hopes that someone will finished what I never even really started, I’ve modified the pattern a bit and drew it up. You can download it by clicking on the pic above.


If only I could make a people sized one for myself. I’m on foot y’all!!!

The little car is not attached (because I never got around to it) and is something I found on my favoritest free crochet source: crochetpatterncentral. You can find the direct link to the car by clicking on the pic.

Like I said, My original sample above is all freehand, so it’s nowhere near perfect. That just goes to show you, though, how easy it is to create this high impact/minimal effort pattern. You can follow my pattern, or modify it to give your buildings more shape and character. And it all starts with a super simple little border.

3 thoughts on “New Crochet Border in Action

  1. That’s so pretty – exactly the sort of thing that my little sons would like.


  2. […] You can check out a previous post where I made good use of this cute little car here. […]


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